How to Overcome Fear of Performing

1. Practice regularly in front of others

Of course, if you rarely practice in front of others the the fear of performing will be overwhelming. It is natural instinct for us, as human beings, to be nervous in these types of situations. However, undergoing exposure therapy, which is exposing yourself to the fear in small steps, can help you in overcoming this fear entirely. Even if you start off by practicing in front of one family member and slowly work your way up to a group of friends, you will find that the fear of standing on stage is much less than it was before.

2. Eat well before a performance

Some people, due to feeling nervous, find it difficult to eat before a gig. This is normal. However, skipping meals before a performance can be a mistake. Performing in front of a crowd can take a lot of energy – both physically and mentally. So, it is important to fuel up on healthy whole foods 2 hours prior to stepping on stage. It is important to give yourself at least 2 hours to digest your food. Also remember, to avoid caffeine and sugar as this can worsen any nervous tension you have.

3. Focus on the positive

Remember that the reason the audience is waiting to watch you perform is simply for enjoyment. They are looking forward to seeing you have a good time performing. If you go on stage with this positive mindset, you set yourself up to have a good time. For new performers, opportunities for performing are quite rare, so make it a priority to enjoy the time on stage. Also remember that any performance is a good learning opportunity and even if it wasn’t your best, you will be grateful that you did it, as it will help you learn to become better in future.

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