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Absolutely Fabulous Voices

Absolutely Fabulous Voices is currently located on Church Street in Parramatta and was established in Sydney in 1998. Roumiana D’Jamirze is the founder of Absolutely Fabulous Voices, who has over 25 years experience in professional singing and singing lessons. Roumiana has studied at the Bulgarian State Conservatory and has received a Graduate Diploma in 1982 followed by her Masters in 1986.


Singing Lessons

We teach contemporary singing, pop, R & B, jazz, rock, country, musical theatre and opera for all ages.

Piano Lessons

We teach all styles of piano & keyboard to students aging from 2 years old & older.

Baby & Kids Music Classes

An outstanding introduction to get kids into the world of music, with activities that help children's brain development.


Singing is about trying, not reading.

Absolutely Fabulous Voices is a Professional Performing Arts Studio, offering singing lessons in Parramatta from accredited professional and dedicated teachers. Our mission is to identify and empower talents in all students, mentor and motivate performance excellence in every student who loves music.

We offer singing classes from beginners to adult singing lessons in Parramatta. With over 25 years singing experience we offer personalized singing lessons, which will teach and equip all students how to sing, perform singing with more confidence and will experience learning as a singer many other required singing techniques. As students will develop vocal techniques and will become more sensitive to their abilities and hidden musical talents whilst learning how to sing. They will develop a personal self-esteem with confidence and will continue to experience their love towards music daily.

We have singing lessons for all ages.

It does not matter what style of music a student sings, if good technique is employed and one sings from the heart, our students can aspire and become one of the greatest. Our singing classes include private singing lessons, group singing and fun music kids classes. They build for vocal training and help the beginner learn how to sing and sound right, how to improve their performance and how to transform their voices to sing better and correctly or to develop their ability to become a successful singer.

Everyone who has called us is asking “How do I improve my singing?” for various reasons. Children dream to be T.V. Stars and to develop their singing ability. For the first lesson we assess the individual voice and find the student’s weaknesses and abilities. From there we design exercises for the level of the individual student. To do this we need the vocalist to sing part of a song.



We strive to help our students prepare for milestones such as:


Many students want to learn how to improve their voices so they’re not ashamed to sing in front of people such as at private parties, karaoke nights, pubs, clubs, bands, choirs, churches – anywhere. Our great vocal technique that is provided with our singing tuition works on the individual’s vocal needs. We go through proper body position; breathing, great technique exercises and singing scales which will help the individual’s vocal technique become consistent in nature and transform the vocalist to become a powerful singer.

During our singing training or singing tuitions we teach the individual how to use their voice as a singing instrument. We instruct the student how to support their voice, how to open up their throat and how to use the mask. With speech level we teach students how to find and develop their own natural voices instead of them trying to imitate others. We begin our lessons with 15 minute vocal warm up of breathing techniques as well as experiences on singing techniques.


After we learn how to sing a song, we learn to perform correctly applying full confidence. Once the student has learned the song well, we can facilitate and assist with microphone techniques and other performance skills. A lot of vocalists ask “How long does it take to improve my voice?” – Usually if you practice 3-4 times a week, with accuracy, your technique will improve and there will be a noticeable difference in one year. However, to see the first few improvements it will take 2-3 months. The quality of a student’s voice will be changing and they will be able to sing with freedom, pleasure and confidence.

Here students get to learn with highly educated vocal teachers. Some of our students have stayed with us for 11 years and feel like they’re part of our family.

All subjects are taught by a highly accredited teacher.

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