Piano Lessons

Welcome to our Piano Lessons Parramatta. Learn with fun on our Piano Lesson how to be a professional.

Our piano lessons are for beginners to advance. Starting from 2 years of age to adults.

Learn with fun on our Piano lessons and classes how to be a professional and learn with fun on piano or keyboard how to accompaniment yourself on your favourite songs from the radio.
We teach all styles: Private Lessons, Group Lessons (For the Little ones).

Prepare to become a professional piano player or plains for legions for:

Piano Lessons Parramatta and Keyboard Lessons Parramatta

Award winning Programs: Encore Music Education

Kinder Beat Early Childhood Program 2 – 4 years old

Kinder Beat is an outstanding introductions to music for children aged 2 – 4 years. It features a variety of activities that children need for brain development and acceleration.

These activities include musical games and mimes, movement, songs, percussion playing and keyboard games. Kinder beat provides a truly exciting and unique start to music using props such as streamers, rainbow rings and parachutes. Discover a whole new world of music!

Junior series 4 – 7 year old beginner piano & keyboard

Children love the Junior Series’ engaging approach to learn Piano & Keyboard. They meet their instrument right from the start, sing along with the music, participate in story-telling and games, play percussions instruments and explore music through gestures and movement activities.

With multiple learning layers, delightful characters and a progressive curriculum, enthralling music-making is assured.

Primary 8 - 12 years old:

Teen Beginners and advance

Adults Beginner, intermediate and advanced piano & keyboard Lessons.

Piano Lesson Prices

Please send us 2-3 days prior to the specific time that is most comfortable for you and let us know what class you are interested in.
All lessons must be paid in full before Lesson Start time.

Private Lessons1st Trial Lesson10 + Lessons
30 mins
(only to 8 years)
Per lesson
(Only $50 Per lesson)
45 mins$85
Per lesson
(Only $75 Per lesson)
60 mins$110
Per lesson
(Only $100 Per lesson)
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