Benefits of Music in Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is something that many children and adults have to go through. It can be a difficult journey; however, it can also be very rewarding. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we pride ourselves in our abilities to assist speech therapy with music. Both singing and guitar or piano can be a fabulous way to find enjoyment in the process of speech therapy. Here are a few benefits of music in speech therapy…

1. A fun and positive way to learn

Anyone going through the process of speech therapy without music will know that it is a long process that they usually don’t have a choice to endure. Music can change this process to make it more fun and positive way to learn. Not only will speech therapy become less tiresome, it will also mean that the student is gaining a secondary skill along with speech – the art of music. If the student is learning to sing or play guitar while practicing speech, this means that they will come out of the journey with a practical and fun skill that they can use for life!

2. Songs are more memorable than words alone

It is common knowledge that songs are more memorable than words alone. This is why it is much more common to have a song stuck in your mind than just a sentence. This means that songs and music can be a great tool in helping students remember words and phrases, which is essential to students in speech therapy!

Also, matching words with actions is effective in speech therapy. For example; the song ‘The Wheels on The Bus’ is a popular tool to help students in understanding speech. The song is used alongside accompanying actions to help the students understand the meaning of the words.

3. Music lessons are rewarding

Lastly, music lessons are very rewarding for all students. They can be even more so for students with speech disabilities as they see their skills develop over time. It is also very rewarding for parents and/or family members to see the student develop both speech and music abilities over time.

Music lessons are an excellent way to improve speech. They are also great for improving mental health conditions that come with speech disabilities such as anxiety and depression.

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