Benefits of Music Lessons for Young Adults

Music Lessons have a wide variety of benefits for all ages. However, we have noticed that there are some benefits specific to young adults which we have listed below…

1. Music Lessons Develop Positive Self-Esteem

Young adulthood is a time where self-esteem and self-identity is challenged among many. Music lessons provide an opportunity for young adults to identify themselves as a musician and artist. It also gives them a safe and supportive place for them to learn and grow with their talents. Teachers at Absolutely Fabulous Voices Singing Lessons Parramatta and Guitar Lessons Parramatta will help young adults to develop a positive self-esteem by providing lots of positive feedback. Our teachers also provide constructive criticism which will help young adults to learn that there is always room for improvement. This gives them a reason to continue practicing and developing over time.

2. Music Lessons Support Academic Progress

Studies have shown that students who take music lessons are more likely to succeed in their studies. This is especially important for young adults in Year 10-12 who are undertaking study for their HSC. Some parents think that quitting music in order to focus more time on study in these crucial years can be beneficial, when actually the opposite has proven to be effective. In fact, when students have music lessons at least once a week, they have a chance to take a mental break from academic study and focus on their music.

This is another reason why some students actually choose to include music as a subject in their HSC. This is because, not only does it provide some relief from all the study, but it also is a time when they are at their most successful in music. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we pride ourselves in helping many students through their HSC music exams.

3. Music Lessons Teaches Discipline

Much like any other extra-curricular activity, singing lessons teach young adults discipline skills. From the moment of enrolment, young adults have taken on a new level of responsibility in their life. Responsibility is a fantastic thing for young adults to have. They will be learning many aspects of discipline that will be useful in later life including; being punctual, listening to the singing teacher, completing practice at home and attending concerts.

At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we have Singing Lessons Parramatta and also have Guitar Lessons Parramatta. We would love to help you with your performance skills, so give us a call on 0415 220 162 to get started!

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