5 Tips for New Guitar Players

If you are just starting out playing guitar, you may be very excited to practice a lot at first. However, after a while, you may find there are roadblocks in your journey towards mastering the guitar. The guitar is a very fun and practical musical instrument to learn and it can be very rewarding. So, read on to find out the 5 tips for new guitar players:

1. Practice both sitting and standing

When starting out playing guitar, sitting is usually easier for most. This is because your back can hunch over, and you have more room to see your fingers play. However, if you are going to play guitar long-term, it is important to know how to play standing up too. You may have an opportunity to play in front of a crowd and standing up is the best form of presentation.

2. Go slow

It is important to accept that you’re playing will be very slow to start off with. Don’t rush your notes as you will also rush your technique. Now is the time, when you’re new to the instrument, to focus on good technique and go as slow as you need to. Then, when you feel comfortable down the track, you can play faster.

3. Practice daily

This tip seems obvious, but it is so important to your progress. Practicing the guitar daily will allow your mind and fingers to become more in sync when playing. Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, the notes you practiced will slowly start to become second nature, and this is one of the most fundamental skills when learning an instrument.

4. Give yourself breaks

Just like writer’s block, musicians can have times where they continue to make the same mistake and can’t seem to make improvements. The answer to this is simple – take breaks! Breaks can work wonders for your mental state (and your fingers!). Everyone needs breaks when learning something new and this will help you feel refreshed so that when you start practicing again, you can overcome any roadblocks you may have had.

5. Attend Guitar Lessons

Last but not least, it is important to attend guitar lessons regularly. Having a professional teach you at least once a week will help with any issues you are facing and additional tips and advice. Our Guitar Lessons Parramatta will help you commit to the instrument long term and advance your skills over time.

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