Benefits of Music to Education

We all know that music has played a part in education for as long as we know. However, most of us are not actually sure why this is the case. We explore the 5 main reasons that music is beneficial to education below…

1. Music makes education fun

This is especially relevant in young children. Have you noticed that babies and pre-schoolers are attentive towards the sound of music? Most people are drawn to music and if the music has educational lyrics, this will allow the students to learn in a fun way. In our Kids Music Classes Parramatta, we have a variety of educational and fun tunes that we use in our lessons.

2. Music assists with memory

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to remember song lyrics? This is because the tune of the song behind the lyrics assists with memory. This is why music has been used in education for many years, because the students are able to remember much more when they have a tune to attach the content to.

3.Music enhances communication skills

As human beings, we use singing to communicate ideas, stories and emotions. It has been a fundamental part of the way we communicate for as long as we know. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we see singing not only as an extension of our language but a special language in itself in which the child can express their mind. This can be useful for children who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and can help to create stronger communication skills.

4. Music assists children with learning disabilities

As all learning disabilities begin with auditory processing issues, music can be a helpful technique in overcoming this. Children with learning disabilities have issues processing what they hear and therefore, learning is delayed. Music assists with auditory processing and can actually strengthen the auditory cortex. By enrolling your child in music lessons, you give them a chance to stimulate their brain regularly by practising both in class and at home.

5. Music adds positivity to education

Many children naturally sing and dance at home. So why should we not include this form of education into their learning journey? At Absolutely Fabulous Voices we embrace the positivity that children naturally find in music and this makes the learning process fun. We allow students to find which styles of music they prefer by choosing their own songs to learn. You can find out more about our music classes for kids by contacting us.

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