5 Reasons to Enrol your Child in Singing Lessons

1. Singing enhances communication skills

As human beings, we use singing to communicate ideas, stories and emotions. It has been a fundamental part of the way we communicate for as long as we know. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we see singing not only as an extension of our language but a special language in itself in which the child can express their mind. This can be useful for children who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and can help to create stronger communication skills. This can also be helpful for children with learning disabilities.

2. Singing helps kids to better understand emotions

Just as singing enhances communication skills by providing a platform to express ideas, singing can also be used to communicate a child’s emotions. A child’s journey through school, family, friends and other aspects of life can be overwhelming at times. Singing can be a great way to release and better understand emotions.

3. Singing advances social skills

With enhanced communication skills from singing, your child will be well-equipt to better their social skills. In addition to this, At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we have many students. When your child is enrolled, they are a part of this special singing community. There will be students that are the same age as your child as well as older and younger students. Group activities or concerts allow the kids to get together and perform. These activities will help your child to advance their social skills and make friends outside of school.

4. Singing lessons support early learning

Singing has been a form of art for centuries and therefore, singing lessons have been around for many years. Kids have always learnt both in a school and out of school context how to sing and this has become one of the fundamental ways that children learn. Therefore, it is crucial that we include singing in our child’s life from a young age. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we have singing lessons for children of all ages and even provide Baby & Kids Music Classes for children 2–4 years.

5. Singing lessons teach children discipline skills

Much like any other extra-curricular activity, singing lessons teach a child discipline. From the moment they are enrolled, your child becomes a singing student which entails a level of responsibility, whether they realise or not. This is a fantastic thing, because, your child will be learning many aspects of discipline that will be useful in later life including; being punctual, listening to the singing teacher, completing practice at home and attending concerts. Some singing activities that teach discipline skills are; listening, repeating, memorising, writing and more!

If you are ready for your child to start singing lessons, you can contact us for our Singing Lessons Parramatta, Baby & Kids Music Lessons Parramatta and Piano Lessons Parramatta.

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