5 Things Singing Can Teach Kids

Singing classes can be a fun activity for kids to take on during the week. Kids naturally have fun in music classes, but did you know that singing lessons can teach many other things too? In this article, we explore the many skills your child will learn in singing lessons.

1. Discipline

Much like any other extra-curricular activity, singing lessons teach discipline. From the moment they are enrolled, your child becomes a singing student which entails a level of responsibility. Some singing activities that teach discipline skills are; listening, repeating, memorising, writing, pitch practice, dancing and performing. Children also learn to be punctual to lessons and concerts which is a valuable life skill. If you’re interested in our Singing Lessons Parramatta, contact us for more information.

2. Positivity

Children naturally find positivity in music. Therefore, it is important to continue to learn music throughout childhood and into adolescence and adulthood. Practicing music regularly is a great way for kids to stay positive and have fun in life! You can find out more about our Kids Singing Lessons Parramatta by contacting us.

3. Confidence

Singing lessons naturally increase a child’s confidence. Once they learn a new note, tune or song, they feel accomplished in their new skill. Moreover, at Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we hold small concerts throughout the year, as well as a major Christmas concert at the end of the year. This gives kids a chance to practice their confidence skills and performing skills.

4. Communication & Social Skills

As human beings, we use singing to communicate ideas, stories and emotions. It has been a fundamental part of the way we communicate for as long as we know. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices, we see singing not only as an extension of our language but a special language in itself in which the child can express their mind. This can be useful for children who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and can help to create stronger communication skills. This can also be helpful for children with learning disabilities.

5. Culture

Singing is a huge part of many cultures. By enrolling your child into singing lessons, you allow them to explore their own culture as well as many others. When choosing a song to practice, your child can explore songs they know from home, school or they may choose a new song that they don’t yet know. This allows a child to learn about cultures from around the world and to also realise that music is a way that we are all connected.

If you are ready for your child to start singing lessons, you can contact us here for our Singing Lessons Parramatta, Baby & Kids Music Lessons Parramatta and Piano Lessons Parramatta.

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