3 Ways Music Lessons Provide Confidence

1. Expressing yourself

Music and singing provide a perfect platform to express one’s self. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices singing lessons Parramatta, we allow the student to choose their own music in order to develop their own style of singing and express themselves in the way that they feel most comfortable. Over time, we see students venture out into more difficult or more expressive songs which proves that they have developed their confidence over time.

2. Practice makes perfect

Students who have one or more singing lessons per week will start to see a progression in their singing skills, especially if they are practicing at home as well. This method of learning that practice makes perfect is great for young kids and even adults who have not practiced a sport or hobby in a while. Hearing improvement in your singing voice is one of the most rewarding things that a vocalist will experience in their singing journey and this automatically provides a well-deserved level of confidence.

3. Performing

The most crucial aspect of developing confidence in singing is the element of performance. At Absolutely Fabulous Voices singing lessons Parramatta, we hold small concerts throughout the year as well as a larger Christmas concert at the end of the year. This gives students a chance to work on their skills in the lead up to these performances and build up their confidence before they perform. We also notice that after each performance, students are more confident as they have overcome the anxiety of performing in front of people and they also improve on this skill over time, with less nerves on stage.

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