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Mher Balian

After studying singing for over a year, the teachers at Absolutely Fabulous Voices enabled me to feel more confident and proficient with my singing techniques. The personalized attention, which provided in a small class environment, had given me an opportunity to focus on my skills and my talent.

Absolutely Fabulous Voices have really transformed and improved my skills and have made me more confident in reaching my goal becoming a professional singer.

Georgia Li

I truly believe the personalized tutoring I received from Roumiana D'Jamirze was influential in my singing career. Her tutoring and materials helped me identify many areas of my weaknesses and enabled me to focus on improving them in each class. The help I received from Roumiana and her team made all the difference.

I only wish that I had found Absolutely Fabulous Voices sooner because I could have saved myself a lot of time and money. Roumiana thank you for everything you have done for me!

Anthony Smallwood

Absolutely Fabulous Voices was an instrumental part of my singing career preparation. I knew that I needed to brush up on my singing techniques and skills, as well as learn the tips and tricks of taming my own voice. After searching online for various singing tutors, I found Absolutely Fabulous Voices to be an excellent significance with a number of advantages over the traditional way people teach music today. Enrolling immediately made me very confident with the flexibility of the tailored program offered to me. I have received extra hours of classroom instructions, enjoying a smaller class size in friendly atmosphere. Roumiana had always made herself available to answer any of my questions, and took a personal interest in each student's success. With this method of teaching approach, I was able to improve my skills feeling more confident, understanding and learning from my previous mistakes. Today I highly recommend Absolutely Fabulous Voices to anyone who seeks professional singing and music services in Australia.

Veronica Lee

Having a passion for singing, I was looking for a teacher who could provide me with skills, motivation and teach me courage during my singing. After phoning and speaking with Roumiana, I knew that this teacher was for me. The tailored lessons prepared for me, had everything I was looking for. With a flexible schedule, convenience of small classes, and an affordable price point, I felt that I was at the right place with the right professional people, teaching me how to become a better singer. After 8 weeks of classes, I felt more confident and became more proficient in singing as well as understanding a lot about voice and music. I would personally like to thank Roumiana from Absolutely Fabulous Voices for tuning my voice and for making me more confident in believing in my personal skills and my abilities as a singer.

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